AWA Provides Meteorological Analyses for to Support Closure to Barrick Gold sites

AWA is developing updated probable maximum precipitation, annual exceedance probability, and climate changes assessments for numerous Barrick sites across North America. This work will support Barrick as they quantify risk, develop detailed hydrologic analyses, and ensure safety of their mining operations.

SPAS Analyses for Recent Record Rainfall

Several recent extreme rainfall events are currently being analyzed by AWA using our SPAS process. These include the record rainfall over Ft Lauderdale in April 2023, Nova Scotia in July 2023, and a destructive event in Indonesia during February 2023.

Saudi Arabia PMP, AEP, and Climate Change

AWA has being your first study in the Middle East in partnership with Atkins, developing PMP, AEP, and climate change assessments for the spectacular NEOM development in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

Statewide PMP Studies

AWA completed the statewide PMP studies for New Jersey and Hawaii during July of 2022. Now work begins on the statewide PMP and climate change study for North Carolina. AWA is excited to work with North Carolina DEQ and provide critical updates for the Dam Safety program.