AWA’s support for the mining industry expands to new locations world-wide.

AWA continues to support the mining industry world-wide. Providing PMP, Annual Exceedance Probability, and Climate Change analyses for several Barrick Gold sites, a planned mine in Alaska, and a planned mine in Ecuador. These new studies are in additional the many already completed in some of the most complex and challenging location extending from the […]

AWA’s Rainfall Database now includes Nearly 1000 SPAS Analyses

SPAS has been the industry standard used to quantify rainfall accumulation in time, space, and magnitude for more than 20 years. SPAS outputs have been applied in hundreds of PMP and hydrologic modeling studies worldwide and are the foundation of our meteorological inputs for the most critical infrastructure such as dams, mining operations, and nuclear […]

AWA’s Statewide and Regional PMP Studies Now Cover More Than Half the Country

AWA completed the statewide PMP studies for Hawaii, New Jersey and Maryland during 2023. We are currently working on the statewide PMP, Annual Exceedance Probability, and climate change study for North Carolina. AWA is excited to work with North Carolina DEQ and provide critical updates for the Dam Safety program. These studies continue the work […]